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Friday, November 03, 2006 

the last leg

Well, I'm in Berlin now. And I love this place. Seriously. I just feel so comfortable here. I haven't even seen that much of the city yet, but there's just a feel to it. And I like that everything is so efficient here. Getting out of the airport was the easiest experience of my life, with the baggage carousel right when we stepped into the terminal and no passport control in the 20 meters between there and the front door. Doing laundry today was also lovely, probably because I didn't even have to do it. I took it down to the office at the apartments this morning, gave them 3 euros, and it magically appeared in my apartment, clean and folded, when I got back this afternoon. Basically, I just really like this place. I'm seriously considering taking a term of German back at Carleton so I could come back here eventually and really get a feel for the country.

The only downside is the lack of internet in our housing, and the classroom where I can get free wireless isn't open on the weekend, so this is my last chance to get online before Monday! So, I just wanted to do a quick "hello, I love this place" post before I disappear for a few more days. More to come next week...